Who we are?


Kari Järvenpää

Over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience creating successful business from an idea. He has run businesses over 100M€ both income statement and balance sheet based. Multiple successful exits, numerous board memberships and international business experience in Nordic, Baltics and Russia. Kari is as well experienced in city planning processes and real estate developments, one of his big projects has been 2012 opened shopping centre Willa in Hyvinkää (sixth biggest mall in Finland). 


Ari Siponmaa

Over 20 years of experience successfully managing and consulting corporations ranging from pre revenue phase to multi-billion publicly listed conglomerates. Previously oversaw and managed family office PE portfolio with well over EUR 100M in asset value. Exits have included selling companies to Japan, US and Europe with high returns. Ari has served in numerous boards for listed and unlisted companies. He holds M.Sc in E.E. from Helsinki University of Technology.


Kari Kontturi

Over 30 years of experience in real estate branch in all of its sectors and levels, contracting, housing and business premises’ development, property and asset management. Deep understanding of real estate investment’s processes, finance and management. Under management executed circa 300 M€ real estate investments and managed RE portfolio of 500 M€. Master’s degrees in technology (M.Sc tech) in Oulu University and in economics (MBA) in Wales University. 


Jukka Pitkänen

Over 30 years of experience in real estate branch and managing successfully commercial property development from ideas to fully leased and managed properties- Wide experience of city planning and design & build processes as well as leasing and transactions. With the business experience in Nordic level and Baltics he has executed various types of development projects with more than 500 M€ in total. Master’s degree in technology (M.Sc. tech) from Helsinki University of Technology.