Never be afraid to challenge the notion that complex real estate projects and a true hands-on approach can’t live under one community-minded roof.

They can!

We have multiple development projects going on.


Holiday resort: Hyvinkään Sveitsi

The real estate project contained a spa hotel with rights to develop a residential area with 43 000 m² of floor area next to it. The fully refurbished Hotel Sveitsi and the new Entertainment Centre with various services were opened in October 2017. The whole project was worth of 210 M€.

Today Hyvinkään Sveitsi is an ideal year-round holiday and meeting destination. The natural surroundings with the extensive services and facilities create a true world of activities. Hyvinkään Sveitsi is located in the middle of Southern Finland.

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K2, Mäntsälä

The project contains two high-rise buildings with 73 apartments in addition to 670 m2 commercial space at the center of Mäntsälä city. We are partnered with Taaleri Oyj. The project is worth 15 M€.

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