Opening the markets

Finesco's Growth Fund (Finesco Kasvurahasto Ky) is an early growth VC-fund aiming to take advantage of the equity gap between seed investors and larger VC- or PE-investors targeting in more mature companies. Finesco’s aim is to open up the international markets to ambitious companies thus the fund’s focus will be in knowledge intensive related businesses.


Our Strengths as a Manager:
▪ Strong team with complementary knowhow permitting the superior execution of fund’s strategy. Team members have experience ranging from running private equity funds, working with high growth firms and businesses expanding into international markets, capital raising, valuing and structuring private placement deals and arranging listings. 

▪ Ability to support portfolio companies through financing, strategy advice and providing access to network of advisors summoned from leading Finnish entrepreneurs and business executives. 

▪ Very disciplined selection and evaluation process of potential portfolio companies. No interest in unproven technologies/markets. Risk averse approach.